How To Develop A Great Comparative Essay Thesis

We make comparisons every day. We compare pizza. We argue about our favorite pizza brand and favorite toppings. We argue about television shows, characters, storylines, acting talent and more. We compare one object with another every day. So, don’t rush to google “write my essay online“. A comparative essay is simply a structured form for doing this in an academic sense.

Definition of a Comparative Essay

Many students like writing this kind of essay because it gives them an opportunity to discuss two things that are contradictory by nature. For example, apples and oranges or cats and dogs, make for simple ideas that are slightly related but provide enough of a difference to write an entire essay on. The comparative essay thesis is the central argument students make about the subjects being compared. But this can be a bit difficult for those who have little experience with this kind of writing.

How to Write a Comparative Essay Thesis

  • The thesis statement for comparative essay needs to be more than a simple analysis of the things you are comparing; it needs to also present a clear and concise argument or position you will defend in the body.
  • You should be asking yourself three questions when developing your thesis: 1) What two things are you comparing? 2) What is the main point of the two things you are comparing? And 3) Why are you making a comparison of the two things?
  • Once you have answered the questions above and any sub-questions related to them, you can start drafting your thesis statement. It’s recommended you start by writing three separate sentences based on the responses above and then look for ways to combine and simplify them.
  • Finally, use your draft thesis as a guide for the rest of the work. However, know that it is very likely that you will need to revise the thesis to fit the body’s main points. Always edit for clarity and don’t hesitate using shorter or fewer words to get your point across more effectively.

Check Out Comparative Essay Thesis Examples

  1. The similarities between Margaret Thatcher and Donald Trump point to a traditionally conservative society that will be opposed by voters of a younger generation.
  2. The effects the Soviet Government had on the world were similar to those of the United States’ Government in that economically challenged countries lost many valuable resources.
  3. The freelance or “gig” economy offers as many benefits because of the ability and independence to make professional decisions compared to traditional work.
  4. Living at home is a great advantage to college students because of the amount of money that is saved over the course of four years when compared to the rising costs of room and board.
  5. Striving for a professional career instead of seeking an education beyond high school is much more profitable in today’s world which values practical skills and applicable experience.

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